AMP German Cannabis Group begins EU-GMP audit of its medical cannabis supply chain in Germany

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BERLIN, Germany, October 10, 2019 –– AMP German Cannabis Group Inc. (“AMP”) (CSE: XCX), (Frankfurt: C4T, ISIN: CA00176G1028) announces that it has begun conducting an European Union (EU) Good Manufacturing Procedure (EU-GMP) audit of its supply chain logistics in Germany to ensure that the quality and integrity of pharmaceutical goods during transportation and storage is maintained throughout the supply chain from the supplier to the German patient.  


EU-GMP certification is an internationally recognized system that ensures all pharmaceutical goods, including medical cannabis, meets the highest consumer health and safety standards.  In addition to ensuring the suppliers’ production and operating processes meet EU-GMP German certification standards, AMP’s German pharmaceutical consulting partner will audit AMP’s supply chain service providers during the fourth quarter of 2019 to ensure the quality and integrity of the pharmaceutical goods is maintained during transportation, warehousing, handling, testing and distribution.  AMP anticipates receiving EU-GMP certification for its supply chain before year-end provided it passes the audit.


AMP anticipates its first imports to Germany will begin during the first half of 2020, where AMP will transport the medical cannabis by air from Canadian international airport to Frankfurt, Germany, where it will be stored in a narcotic storage facility.  Prior to purchasing, AMP tests and inspects the medical cannabis and again when the goods land in Frankfurt, Germany. German pharmaceutical wholesalers who fulfill product to pharmacists that AMP has entered contracts with will be supplied from the narcotic storage center.  


AMP has entered into supply agreements to purchase and import to Germany EU-GMP medical cannabis with two Health Canada licensed producers applicants based in Alberta, Canada.  AMP anticipates entering into definitive supply agreements once the suppliers have passed AMP’s EU-GMP audit and received theirits sales licence from Health Canada.  AMP then arranges for EU-GMP inspection and certification by German State officials.


Management Quotes:


Mr. Alex Blodgett, CEO of AMP German Cannabis Group, commented, “The pharmaceutical industry is perhaps the most regulated industry, and besides regulations, it is also known for strict enforcement of those regulationsUpon passing its EU-GMP supply chain audit, AMP will be one of the companies capable of transporting and storing medical cannabis within Germany.”


Dr. Stefan Feuerstein, Managing Director of Alternative Medical Products GmbH (“AMP Germany”), commented, “Transportation, storage and testing logistics are a core competency of AMP as the movement of medical cannabis as a critical aspect of AMP Germany’s operations as an importer of EU-GMP cannabis into Germany.”


About AMP German Cannabis Group Inc. 


AMP German Cannabis Group is the parent company of several European investment subsidiaries focusing on the import of pharmaceutical-grade (EU-GMP) cannabis into Germany predominantly from Canada.  AMP provides EU-GMP gap analysis and audits, logistical, transportation, importation permits and other related services for the importation of medical cannabis into Germany through its AMP EU-GMP German Certification Protocol Program.


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