Eurozone Cannabis Market Whitepaper

Download the Eurozone Cannabis Market Whitepaper

Download our Eurozone Cannabis Market whitepaper to learn about the European cannabis market and investment opportunity.

This whitepaper summarizes the findings in the fourth edition of The European Cannabis Report, published by Prohibition Partners in January 2019.

  • Europe is forecast to have the world’s largest legal and medical cannabis markets by 2023
  • Potential total €123 market value by 2028 (medicinal and recreational cannabis). By 2028, European recreational market will be worth an estimated €65 billion
  • €2.3 trillion total spent on healthcare each year
  • In the European Union (EU) and Norway, 23 million people, or nearly 7% of all 15-64 year-olds, used cannabis in the past year; of these, 3.6%, or 12 million, consumed cannabis in the past month
  • Vive la France. Despite relatively strict laws, the French are the biggest consumers of cannabis in Europe. Over 700,000 French use cannabis daily; around 41% of French adults have used cannabis at least once. French teens use cannabis more than teenagers in any other country in the world.