Europe will be the largest cannabis market in the world

Europe is set to become the world’s largest legal cannabis market over the next five years (2023) as European countries begin to legalize medical cannabis for domestic use and export to other EU countries.

Germany is leading the way to expand medical programs and insurance coverage for medical cannabis

Germany has permitted the use of medical cannabis since 2017. The medical cannabis programs and the state’s obligation to cover medical prescriptions are still being developed but will be among the most robust and will set the standards for Europe.

Demand will outstrip supply for the next five years in Germany

As a first mover, AMP will quickly establish market leadership in Germany due to its proven German and European management team, unique import model and ability to meet supply requirements through multiple suppliers from different countries that meet the EU-GMP standard.

AMP invests in the European medical cannabis industry

Providing pharmaceutical grade (EU-GMP) cannabis to German patients through imports from Canada and other countries.

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